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Natural Progesterone Cream.  Balance the Way Nature Intended.

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Estro-All Natural Estrogen Cream.  Break the Cycle of Cruel Hormone Replacement Therapies.

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Side by Side Comparison of Natural Progesterone Cream and Estro-All Natural Estrogen Cream

  Natural Progesterone Cream Estro-All:  Natural Phytoestrogen with Natural Progesterone Cream
Natural Progesterone 960 mg per 2 oz tube 920 mg per 2 oz tube
Natural Estrogen NONE 46 mg per 2 oz tube
Primary Uses May be used to decrease PMS, pre-menopause deficiency, menopause, and post-menopause. May be used for estrogen deficiency (tested), hot flashes, night sweats.  Not for women diagnosed with breast cancer.
Combination Use Do not combine the use of natural progesterone cream with Estro-All. Do not combine the use of Estro-All with natural progesterone cream.
Which Product Works Best for...
Hot Flashes Yes.  (May Take Up to 2 Months) Yes
Night Sweats No Yes
Vaginal Dryness Yes Yes
PMS Yes No
Pre-Menopause Yes No
Menopause Yes.  If NOT accompanied by hot flashes and night sweats Yes.  If accompanies by hot flashes and night sweats.
Post-Menopause Yes No
Low Estrogen (tested) No Yes
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